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Sonja Hesslow

I don’t want to capture the moments, I want to create them from my imagination.
I love to use my imagination to create new pictures. 

The process starts when I capture the image in my camera, and I then spend a lot of time in Photoshop to create the picture I have in my head.  To be involved in the whole process is very important for me. 

I like to be creative in many ways, not just in Photoshop.  I enjoy making my own props by using different materials such as fabric, plastic, flowers, secondhand stuff, etc.

I really love to meet other creative people and form diverse collaborations.  My dream is to continue with my exhibitions, sell my work, and give lectures to share my love of this art form.

Ignore me

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See me

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The Awakening

4 900 kr


4 900 kr

Gravity I

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Gravity II

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Sonja Hesslow - CV, urval

Född 1988


Fotografutbildning Medieskolerne,  Denmark       Augusti 2010 - februari 2015


Galleri Sander, Norrköping 28 sept - 26 okt 2019 Grupputställning   Planket, Stockholm, augusti 2017-2019   Sliperiet Konsthall, The Photogallery grupputställning, Borgvik, maj-augusti 2017    Icons, The Photogallery, grupputställning, Köpenhamn, november 2015    Timeless, The Photogallery, grupputställning, Göteborg, september 2015   Fotografiska riksfotoutställning, 3 bilder i bildspel,   Stockholm, 9 - 11 maj 2014 Galleri Duerr, Stockholm, 8 - 11 maj 2014